Temptations vs Smokey

I ended up going down a rabbit hole of Temptation songs and ended up at https://www.smoothradio.com/features/top-songs/temptations-songs-best-ranked/. I didn’t recognize You’re My Everything and when 0:44 hit, I KNEW I heard this triplet before:

And it was Tracks of My Tears from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles I was thinking of:

I’d like to think that both the Temptations and Smokey shared musical ideas during this time in the mid-60s and influenced one another. Or maybe this is a generic phrase. Anyway, Motown during that time – what a time to be alive.

Just My Imagination

There’s always been a few lines in that song that I could never quite figure out what the exact lyrics were. Using the video above was quite a revelation. I do not pretend to know why I thought what I heard made any sense.

What I heardActual LyricsDifference Rating
cozy little home on the countrycozy little home out in the country😐
can be your love birds lostcan visualize it all😂
or too real in your scenesfar too real it all seems😂
and love isher love is😐
when her arms unfold mewhen her arms enfold me😐
I hear her tenderness so deepI hear a tender rhapsody😮🤣

Why does Joe Saylor sing before Patrick Bartley comes in?

I stumbled upon this video from George Collier’s Youtube channel and I’ve now listened to this a countless number of times. Since it’s so popular on Youtube, there are several commentaries and reactions to this, even one by Patrick Bartley himself.

But I don’t think I’ve seen anyone address why Joe Saylor starts singing at the very end of his drum solo. The video link above should take you to 12:50 in the video. He’s definitely singing part of the lick Patrick is about to play.

So is he singing because Patrick missed it? Was Joe early?

I see Patrick looking back to see where the bassist and trumpeter are so it feels like a cue was missed somewhere, but that’s what this makes this so fascinating. The band continues seamlessly and song continues and everything still sounds great. How do professional jazz musicians do this?

Jurassic Park

I knew that many of the filming locations for the very first Jurassic Park were set in Hawaii. And I’ve always wondered about the location where the helicopter first approaches Isla Nublar.

Most Google searches suggest the Na Pali Coast on Kauai but I couldn’t find the little rock island that you see on the left in the video above. And by “find” I mean using the 3D view on Google maps and examining the entire Kauai coastline.

And that’s because this shot is not from Kauai, but Maui. This spot is known as Keopuka Rock or Jurassic Rock.