Raspbmc and the remote – round 3

Another update, another battle with the remote.


I did all the usual stuff, as mentioned in the previous posts.


Looking at the logs, it turns out all this module stuff is already built into the most recent kernel. I even see the tell-tale “fixing aureal” message in dmesg. I added the changes to /etc/rc.local, but no success. Only the mouse worked.

After a bunch of trial and error, I think there’s some sort of conflict between lirc and eventlirc. Only after I started killing a bunch of lircd processes did the remote start sputtering to life.

My fix right now? Yet another “what am I doing?” hack. Here it goes.  Start from a fresh build/image.

ssh into your raspberry pi using putty

# sudo nano /lib/udev/lircd_helper

This will bring up an editor. Skip the first bunch of lines that start with #.
Right before you see

logger -t "lircd_helper" ACTION ${ACTION}

add the following

# I don't know why this works.  It just does.
logger -t "lircd_helper" Crash and burn.
exit 1;

logger -t "lircd_helper" ACTION ${ACTION}

To exit, the editor, hit control-o (to write the file) and then control-x to exit. And reboot.  No custom kernel.  No downloading headers.  None of that.  Just a hack to stop lircd from running.

All this does is prevent lircd from running. This seems to allow eventlircd to run. Which seems to be the key.

This is how I feel:


 … a little bit Pacquiou and a little bit Marquez …