Raspbmc – RC5

RC5 is out so I tried it, hoping that with the kernel headers, the addition of the module would be easier.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what they mean by “kernel headers available” but I was unable to see any headers when I installed the new version.

To get the remote working again, I had redo the same steps as before.  Luckily my Ubuntu box had all the stuff left over from before so it was really quick.

Actually, the only additional change was just before running the make menuconfig command, I made sure I had the proper kernel config.

So on my Ubuntu box, assuming the “chroot” had already been run:

cd /
scp pi@ .
cd /raspberrypi-linux-*
zcat ../config.gz > .config

The kernel configuration is stored in config.gz, but it’s compressed. zcat uncompresses it.

Just need to change the IP address for your rpi.

Also, I found that the remote control would sometimes not respond and looking at the logs, I found that this fix wasn’t working. Adding a delay in rc.local seems to help:

# Sleep for a little bit ... seems to help
/usr/bin/logger rc.local sleeping for 5 seconds 
/bin/sleep 5
/usr/bin/logger rc.local sleeping done

# module magic stuff
/sbin/rmmod usbhid || true
/sbin/modprobe hid-aureal || true
/sbin/modprobe usbhid || true

The logger should put messages in /var/log/syslog on the rpi.