SPP server for Windows

I have posted a simple protocol server for Windows on GitHub: https://github.com/kaytat/SimpleProtocolServer

There is more technical info in the README of that project.

The server will probably require a little configuration from the user.   The reason is the WSAPI loopback used for capture does not allow for programmatically changing the sampling rate.  Since the SPP player requires a certain format, the user will  have to set the properties of the playback device to match.

Here are the steps to do so for a Win7 machine.  First open up the “Playback devices” from the system tray.



Choose the “Properties” button of the sound card being used:



Choose the format the best fits SPP.  SPP defaults to 16bit 44.1kHz, but it will also support 16bit 48kHz.



A corresponding update to SPP has been posted on the Play Store that adds an option to choose either 44.1kHz or 48kHz for the sampling rate.