I have a really old Nexus 7 ( and upgrading that to Lollipop basically made it unusable.  It was terribly slow.

I unlocked the bootloader and reflashed with 4.4.4 ( and that was much better.

But that’s really no fun so I decided to give CyanogenMode a shot (  It was a bit overwhelming at first to work out that:

  • nakasi is the codename for that tablet at Google while grouper is the codename for the CM team
  • CM 11.0 is based on Android 4.4.4
  • M vs N vs stable vs snapshot … (

I finally settled on this but that’s no fun either so I built it from scratch.

Everything is all documented and there are even steps to make sure the GMS apps are installed so the resultant build is very much usable.

That was fun.